introducing deepstream:cloudlink

realtime access for
AWS and Azure

what is it?

deepstream:cloudlink combines a lightning fast realtime document store with direct access to lambda functions, sns notifications, cloudwatch data and many other services -
directly from browsers, mobiles and server endpoints


code samples use javascript, but SDKs also come for Swift, Java, Android, C++ and many other languages

realtime datastore

a lightning fast document syncronisation engine, built on top of AWS Aurora and ElastiCache: deepstream allows browsers, mobiles, IoT devices and server side processes to share documents. Any change is persisted and synced across all subscribed clients within milliseconds.

// create records (documents)
stock = ds.record.getRecord( 'stock/amzn' )
// set values on it
stock.set( 'price', 1105.28 )
// and listen to changes by other clients
stock.subscribe( 'price', price => {
	//update price display

PubSub Messaging

the missing piece of AWS - a globally scalable publish-subscribe mechanism that allows for simple many-to-many communication between front and backend services.

//subscribe to events
ds.event.subscribe( 'new-message', handleNewMsg );
//and publish them
ds.event.publish( 'new-message', {
excerpt: 'Hey John, how are things...'

Cloud RPC

deepstream’s remote procedure calls make it easy to add request-response workflows between any endpoints. The platform handles load-balancing, failover, overload-protection and data-serialisation between any front or backend.

//register as rpc provider
ds.rpc.provide( 'add-two', (data, resp) => {
resp.send( data.numA + data.numB );

//and request them
ds.rpc.make( 'add-two', {numA: 3, numB: 4}, 
(err, result ) => {
// 7

cloud service access

deepstream’s core concepts make it easy to interact with AWS services directly through the client SDK. Receive or publish Kinesis, SQS or SNS through deepstream’s pubsub API, invoke Lambda functions via RPC, access cloudwatch metrics as records and many more.

//invoke lambda functions from the client
ds.rpc.make( '$lambda/myfunction', 
{ some: 'data' }, ( err, result ) => {})

//receive SQS messages as client events
ds.event.subscribe( '$sqs/my-topic', 
data => {})

What They Say About Us.

  • deepstream’s functionality, performance, flexibility and scalability is truly disruptive and is driving amazing new innovations in our technology stack and team collaboration. The features and plugins offer great opportunities to build and integrate with many different existing techs, tools, platforms and services.

    Author image
    Roger Vandusen lead engineer, ticketmaster
  • deepstream was the realtime platform that we were looking for. It only took a couple of days to accomplish what we spent thousands of dollars and countless developer hours doing.

    Author image
    Slah Lachtar CEO, Unidev
  • deepstream is a perfect technology fit for us; scalable, performant, secure and does one thing only and does it well. It does not tell us how to structure our system nor how to write our code, making it a breeze to integrate with the rest of our systems, adding value without interfering.

    Author image
    David Erenger CTO, Briteback
  • we’re looking forward to extending our use of deepstream as our realtime data system grows. Its data-sync capabilities and integrations with numerous databases make it a great solution for a range of different challenges we face.

    Author image
    Vadim Kokhnovitch CTO, Vivaspot


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deepstream:cloudlink is currently in closed beta. For inquiries, early access or other questions please don’t hesitate to drop us a note.

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